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Shawnda Burns

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

I’ve spent two decades helping clients work through mental health issues and obstacles such as addiction, substance abuse, family conflict, and more. In that time, I’ve developed the knowledge and expertise needed to offer professional, effective psychotherapy.

Telehealth Notice

Please note that West Broward Counseling Center & Shawnda Burns is only offering Telehealth appointments at this time. 

Telehealth appointments are hosted via a HIPAA compliant platform and all sessions are encrypted and remain confidential.

Personal Approach

Whichever specific patient I’m working with, whatever his or her emotional issues are all about, I always sketch out a personalized sessions plan that eventually becomes our winning therapeutic game plan!



00:03 16 Apr 21
Shawnda is a life saver! She’s helped with personal matters, family relationships, and everything in between. From parenting to personal/work/family relationships, her sense of humor and compassion, mixed with years of expertise, have been an asset to our family dynamic and relationships in general.
Kristen F
Kristen F
23:38 15 Apr 21
Could go on an on about how great of a therapist Shawnda is! She’s helped me become a better person. Most importantly, she encouraged me to adopt my cat, who is the absolute light of my life. 10/10!!! And the therapy dogs are the best.
Tiffany Eddie
Tiffany Eddie
04:08 16 Jan 21
Shawnda Burns is a fabulous therapist to have. She’s helped me through numerous family members passing all very close in the months/years.She has therapy dogs that she uses. She is always there for you. I can’t praise or recommend her enough.
Ricky Salgado
Ricky Salgado
21:49 15 Jan 21
Shawnda is a compassionate and caring therapist! She offers a personal connection that I have not experienced before with other therapists. Her therapy dogs also provide a calming and relaxing environment that makes it easier to feel relaxed during sessions. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a caring therapist.
Andrea Vargas
Andrea Vargas
21:33 15 Jan 21
Highly recommend Shawnda, she’s a compassionate clinician, an expert in anxiety and her therapy pups are the sweetest. I refer to her often.
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